Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sleepaway camp update - Camp Pinnacle

As of today, the children have been at camp for one week. They are a little over halfway done and it has been much quieter around the house without them here. We miss them! Every day the camp website is updated with pictures and news and it's the highlight of my day. I'll go through the pictures to pick out our kids and it's always fun to see what they are up to.

We emailed Connor a couple of times since he was gone and sent him a card in the mail. He was disappointed he'd miss the NBA finals, so I watched the games and sent him the score info afterwards. Sadly, we haven't received any mail from Connor yet.

Paige has sent us two letters so far. She wrote the first one on her first day at camp and she also included a list of activities and her observations about camp. The second letter came in the mail yesterday and we are so happy to hear that she's having a lot of fun.

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