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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Connor's first road trip.

This weekend was Connor's first road trip. We went to St. Louis to visit Grandpa and Grandma Vernon, and as a bonus Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Vernon drove in from Chicago just to see us. Andrea and I were dreading the car ride, and had even taken some earplugs along in case Connor screamed inconsolably. He hasn't done that for a while, but recently we had a bad experience driving home from McAllisters where he cried for the entire 30 minute drive. It wasn't fun for any of us. Thankfully the ear plugs weren't needed on the trip to St. Louis or the trip home! We timed our drive so we'd leave right after he ate, and he fell asleep quickly both times.

Enough jibba jabba, here's some pics!

Great Grandma with Connor:

Great Grandpa with Connor:

Four Vernon Generations:

The Vernon extended family:

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Stephanie said...

This is a bit off the subject, but Andrea looks awesome for just having him! Wow! Kudos. I feel like the incredible expanding woman.