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Friday, May 7, 2010

Paige is one week old!

Paige has been out in the world for a whole week now!

She's been very good at home, especially at night. We've had a couple nights that were a little rough, but she typically sleeps between feedings at night and is very good. We've been very lucky so far, hopefully our luck holds for the next few months.

Daddy has really enjoyed his time at home this week with our family. He's enjoyed taking care of his new little girl and getting to know her.

Daddy also has really enjoyed spending time with Mr. Connor. Connor has been very possessive of Daddy's time, and we've been trying to give him extra love and attention so he doesn't feel left out of anything. He's been so much fun.

Aunt Amanda came up to visit this week.

We'll leave off with a picture of Paige helping with the laundry.

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Richard said...

That picture of Connor - at first I thought he was smiling, but when you look close, his eyes look angry and his nose is squinched up - is he doing scary face?