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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2023- Disney World with Andrea, Paige, Amanda and Graydon

On Friday, September 29th,  Andrea, Paige, Amanda and Graydon went to Orlando for the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Andrea picked Paige up from school a little early so they could drive down together, and this year the boys decided to skip it so Connor wouldn't miss any school and I wouldn't miss any work. We were happy that Amanda and Graydon were willing to join them for the adventure and they met Andrea and Paige at the hotel before everyone drove together to the park.

Andrea and Paige have been many times, but Graydon hasn't been since he was pretty young, so he didn't remember much. It was a novel experience for the Gobles and they all had fun riding rides together, as well as trick-or-treating. 

The TRON ride just opened earlier this year and Andrea and Paige both rode it for the first time this trip. It's a rollercoaster that looks like a motorcycle from TRON. Riders are strapped in to a motorcycle like seat and it shoots you off pretty fast. I guess Andrea panicked a little as it started and was yelling that she wanted to get off, but they just sent her along with everyone. Andrea doesn't remember much as her eyes were closed, but Paige said it was a fun ride and not any scarier than some of the other Disney rollercoasters we've ridden. Paige said that Andrea screamed the entire ride. Andrea survived, but she had some weird aches and pains for the next week where the ride pressed against her ribs and back.

On Saturday morning the Gobles headed home so Graydon could participate in his flag football game. Andrea and Paige ate lunch at McAlister's and then did some shopping at the Lululemon outlet and some of the other stores around town. 

In the evening, the girls borrowed some pickleball paddles from the hotel and got a nice workout and practice playing pickleball together. They stayed at The Ritz, which has been renovated since we were there in March of 2021. The hotel was nicely updated and Andrea said the service was fantastic!

They also got room service and shared a chicken quesadilla while they watched some college football and relaxed in their cozy room.

On Sunday, Andrea and Paige headed home in the afternoon and we all got to watch the Chiefs game together in the evening. I'm glad their Orlando adventure was fun, and it was another fun girls' trip this year.

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