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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Genie and Abby Visit

Grandma Genie and Aunt Abby came in town from KC this past Friday and stayed the weekend with us. We were lucky to have some decent weather while they were here and for the Down Syndrome walk. Andrea reserved us a couple courts at the Yards pickleball courts and we had some pretty competitive matches together on Sunday morning. 

Graydon stayed over at our place on Saturday and Sunday night and it was a perfect time for them to come down since the kids didn't have school on Monday for teacher planning meetings. 

Millie Mae was pretty crazy about Aunt Abby and was funny about snuggling up with her. Abby's a wonderful person so it's no surprise a dog would like her, but my guess is that she reminds Millie of her pet sitter Cindy. For whatever reason, Abby is one of her favorites.

Abby and Genie stopped by Connor's work to see him in action at his job.

On their last day, Tuesday the 17th, the kids had to go back to school and Abby and Genie's flight left in the afternoon. Thankfully they did have enough time for some pickleball in the morning. I stopped by before lunch to take some pictures and videos of them in action.

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