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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day!!

The Vernons on Christmas Day:

Connor had a very fun Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve and Day with the Anders. He enjoyed unwrapping the presents and playing with everyone. He got lots of great gifts, thank you everyone!

Some recent big news is that he's decided that it's time to start with some expressive communication. We decided that we'd teach him a little sign language since he wasn't too keen on speaking much and he really took to it. The first night we tried it with him, he picked up: More, Please, Milk, and Nuk (pacifier- we didn't know the sign language for that, so we made something up). Once he figured out that 2 way communication could be fun, he started saying the words and now he can say all kinds of things.

He's got a flash card set and he likes to go through it and repeat the words.

Going through flash cards with Daddy:

Connor's big stack of presents:

Working on his new car racing toy with Daddy:

Connor loves looking at pictures and pointing people out. In this picture he's looking at the calendar we put together for Grammy Genie and he's pointing at people in the room:

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