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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Dancing and Game Night

Connor watched his cousin Allison perform her Christmas dance on Saturday. The entire program was around an hour long and Allison's dance was towards the end. We were pretty worried Connor wouldn't cooperate, but he was absolutely enthralled with it. He sat in Daddy's lap with his hands folded and watched the entire thing without any problem or complaint. Amazing! It cost a dollar for his admission and it was the best dollar in entertainment we ever spent on him.

Allison did a great job with her dance, good work Alli!

(Allison is third from the left)

Connor enjoying the show:

On Friday night, some of Mommy and Daddy's friends came over for game night. Connor stayed up a little late to visit with everybody before bed time. He had fun dancing with everyone and really enjoyed playing with shoes with Scott.

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Kelly said...

Connor looks like he was quite the little gentleman during Allison's dance. I love how he even had his little hands folded during the show!

It was great to see you all Saturday!