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Monday, February 6, 2023

Auburn University Campus Tour

On Saturday, February 4th 2023, we drove the five and a half hours to Alabama to visit Auburn University. The traffic was not heavy, but after about halfway, you ended up having to take a lot of smaller roads that went through small towns with stoplights and intersections. The speed limits fluctuated quite a bit, and it was not the most pleasant drive.

When we got into the Auburn city limits, we were impressed with how clean and tidy everything was. Our hotel was right on campus, we stayed at the hotel at Auburn University. Andrea reserved a nice room with multiple beds and bathrooms and it was very comfortable. Saturday evening we walked around campus for a while, and went to some of the shops that we knew would be closed on Sundays. Paige got a cute white sweatshirt and Connor got two with the Auburn tiger mascot Aubie. We went out to eat in the evening at a restaurant downtown and enjoyed chicken wings and burgers. 

We started off our day Sunday morning with a nice long walk around campus, and then we went to McAllister’s deli for lunch. In the afternoon, Andrea had gotten us tickets to the ladies basketball game at 2 PM so we had some time to kill after lunch. We decided to drive around and explore, and a few minutes later Andrea noticed a tennis center sign. We decided to turn in to take a look, and were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves at the University of Auburn tennis center where the men’s tennis team was playing against Georgia Tech. We watched the end of the doubles match, and then watched most of the singles matches until we decided we better get going so we could see the basketball game as well. The basketball game was a bit painful to watch as the Tigers trailed the Arkansas Razorbacks the entire game. They caught up at the end, tying the game with a couple of minutes to go, but they were penalized with a few questionable calls and didn’t capitalize on their opportunities. 

Paige noticed that the men’s tennis team had another match in the evening versus the College of Charleston, so we drove back over to the tennis center to check it out. The second match was held indoors, and unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as good of a view to watch it. We stayed for the doubles teams and then watched part of the singles matches before we decided to leave and head to dinner. We enjoyed watching the tennis, and it actually motivated both kids to play more and it was definitely an exciting environment. After the match, we went back to the hotel area, did a little shopping, and then went to a restaurant near the train tracks for dinner.

Monday morning we went on the official tour and our guide did a great job talking about the campus as well as her experience as a student at the university. The highlight of the tour was a panoramic view of the town 10 stories up on a building in the middle of the campus. 

Overall, we were impressed with the campus, the tour, and the town. We all loved a lot of things about the university and we were also had a lot of fun getting out of the house for the weekend. Other than our nightmare over Christmas in Atlanta, we haven't traveled since Thanksgiving.

We took some notes about everyone's impressions and a few notes from the tour as well.

Paige score: 9

  • Liked campus and Toomers. Liked the layout of the University. 
  • Dislikes: Distance and Price of out of state tuition

Connor score: 9.2

  • Liked: Campus and how everything is close together and near the town. Liked how it was all walking distance. Liked tennis facilities and courts. Liked the idea of the exploratory major. 
  • Dislikes: None

Andrea score: 9.5

  • Loved Auburn
  • Wishes it was closer
  • Favorite part: Feel and layout of campus and surrounding town was lovely. Area was clean and well maintained. Everything seemed close and together, but still spread out so it didn’t feel cramped. 
  • Least favorite: distance from home - 5.5 hour drive

Shawn score: 9.3

  • Liked: Felt similar to Springfield. Community seemed safe and friendly with lots of stores, restaurants, and things to do near campus. I liked that their students reported a high satisfaction rate on surveys and students seem to love the university. 
  • Disliked: Distance from home, big cities, and airports. Out of state tuition. 

Some additional notes from our tour are below, for reference.

Ranked #1 University in Alabama

Offer Exploratory major where you have exposure to multiple areas. Lasts a year and then you can pick a major. 

Honors college-invitation only-3.8 weighted gpa, 29+ GPA

Auburn doesn’t take the ACT Superscore. Send every ACT report. 

Fall 2022 Total Applicant Profile


GPA Average:  4.22

Test Score Average
29.70 ACT
1330-1350 SAT

Test Optional
4.11 GPA *less than 10% of test optional applicants admitted

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