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Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Amelia Island with Andrea, Paige, Genie, Abby, Alli, Amanda and Graydon

On Sunday, February 12th, Andrea and Amanda drove the KC squad out to Amelia Island for a two night getaway at the beach. Andrea reserved a nice oceanfront three bedroom villa through the resort. It had a beautiful view of the ocean, was very spacious, and it was newly updated and clean. 

When they arrived on Sunday, the villa wasn't quite ready for checkin so they went to the nature center to look at the fish and turtles and do some shopping. They went by the park nearby for a while and once the villa was ready they brought their bags up, settled in, and got ready to watch the big game. The trip to KC and the Amelia Island weekend was planned by Andrea and her sisters as a birthday gift for Genie and they'd planned it months ago, not even realizing that it would be Superbowl Sunday and definitely not expecting that the Chiefs would be playing. It was an exciting game, the Chiefs trailed most of it, but they pulled ahead in the end for a victory.

Monday at 11 to 12:30 they all went to a pickleball private group lesson that Andrea arranged. Steve, the gentleman that ran the lesson, did a good job giving pointers and explaining the strategy. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how good it was and how much fun they had. The weather was thankfully cool, sunny, and beautiful. After pickleball, everyone went to lunch at Marche Burette and then some went back to the villa while Genie, Paige, Graydon, and Amanda played mini-golf and for ice-cream at Marche Burette afterwards. Once they returned, everyone went on a beach walk together and then in the evening went to dinner at Falcon's Nest. They ended the evening with dominos at the villa together.

Tuesday once everyone was up, they went to Drummond park to play pickleball and to walk the trails. The kids also played on the playground and enjoyed the park. Afterwards, they had to pack up and Amanda took the KC crew up to the airport after saying farewell. Andrea and Paige stopped by Marche Burette one more time for lunch before heading home. 

Everyone had a lot of fun, got along great, and Andre and Paige fell in love with Amelia Island all over again.

Our visitors made it back to KC after their visit and Grandma Genie sent a thank you card in the mail a few days later.

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