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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Grandma Genie, Abby, and Alli Visit Florida for Genie's 70th Birthday

On Friday, February 10th 2023, Grandma Genie, Abby and Alli flew to Florida to see us. Andrea picked them up from the airport and they came with us to watch Connor's tennis match after he was finished with school. Unfortunately it rained out the tennis match, so instead everyone came back to our house and I picked up Marco's pizza for dinner. 

After dinner we sang Happy Birthday to Grandma and she blew out her candles and we enjoyed the cake. Andrea had it made at Publix and it was actually one of the best cakes we've ever gotten, it was moist and delicious, filled with gold sprinkles. 

On Saturday morning I had to take Connor to the ACT test. The rest of the family had donuts and meltaways for breakfast and then we went to Cantina Laredo for lunch. I picked Connor up from the ACT testing after lunch and everyone went over to the Goble's to hang out. It was a pretty cold and rainy day, especially for Florida, but we caught a few hour break after lunch where it was clear. I rode around on Graydon's scooter and everyone else enjoyed the Goble's new golf cart. 

In the evening, we went back to our house and Alli officially asked Paige to be her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding next year. 

In the evening, the kids jumped in the pool, although I didn't turn on the hot tub because it was raining out and I didn't want to walk outside to fiddle with all the valves to get the gas on and the pipes changed over. Millie Mae swam with them too and they had fun although it was pretty chilly.

We did some nerf dart battles and Connor and Graydon enjoyed playing FIFA soccer together on Connor's PC.

On Sunday, the girls and Graydon left to go spend a few nights in Amelia Island. Connor and I stayed home so he wouldn't miss school. Unfortunately when they left, Grandma Genie forgot her glasses. Connor and I searched the house and Connor found them. I drove out to Cheesecake Factory to drop them off for Grandma, but I thought it would be funny to take a pic of Connor with her glasses first.

I didn't do much editing to the video, but I compiled the videos that we took over the weekend.

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