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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zoo with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan

Today we went to the zoo with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan. Connor had never been to the KC zoo and it had been a long time for Mommy and Daddy. The weather was pretty nice, but it was super sunny which made it seem a lot hotter than it was. Any visit to the KC zoo is guaranteed to involve a lot of walking so we brought our jogging stroller and set off on our hike.

Connor was interested in the animals at first, but some of them weren't easy to see and there was a lot of walking involved to see them. He got tired pretty quickly and even with a good deal of riding in the stroller he got exhausted by the end of the day.

Paige liked to ride! We made sure she had her bonnet on so she wouldn't get too much sun.

Connor and Ryan petting one of the loose sheep.

Connor and Daddy watching the sea lions.

Paige and Daddy on the train.

Connor liked the polar bear and sea lions, but probably the most fun he had was riding on the carousel with Aunt Amanda. We rode the train last, and although it would usually be the highlight of his day, he was so sleepy that he just threw a fit during the whole ride. After the train ride we left and he fell asleep in the car within minutes.

Connor loved the carousel.

Paige had fun riding in the stroller most of the day.

When we walked up to the polar bear area, nobody was standing near a glass window that looked only into the water. We parked Paige and the stroller there and in a few minutes the bear started swimming laps and doing flips off the glass. It quickly became the best spot to be. It was pretty neat to be so close to the huge animal.

Thanks for going to the zoo with us Ryan and Amanda!

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Richard said...

That looks like fun - and a beautiful day. I love the zoo too. We'll have to go next time you come in.