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Sunday, July 5, 2009

BBQ at the Anders

On the 3rd of July, we went over to the Anders house for a BBQ.

We heard that Connor had a lot of fun at the neighbor's pool, so we went down to see him swim. Last time he was there, there were a lot of younger boys there swimming and Connor was a lot braver. This time, he didn't go off the diving board and he was a little hesitant to even go down the slide. Mommy and Daddy really wanted to see Connor go down the slide, and thankfully he did a couple times. It's pretty impressive for a little boy, he goes down the slide, off the end on his own and goes completely under water when he hits. He holds his breath until he pops back up and does a very good job!

Uncle Nate and Andrew were fun to play with:

Grammy Genie hung out, but didn't want to swim:

After swimming we ate some food and hung out outside, it was pretty nice weather:

Here are the chumps that married the Anders girls:

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. You can see he's not a fan of those loud things. Good idea to bring the ear protection.