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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No more Nuk!

Elmo visited today to take away Connor's Nuks so he could give them to little babies that need them. Andrea got the idea from her friend Mandy, and Elmo (in balloon form) came last night. For the day, we tied Connor's Nuk to the balloon and discussed it in great detail to him. He slept through the night last night without the Nuk and this morning when we talked about it, I could tell he remembered and he said "Elmo Nuk!"

In the last three months or so, Connor's only used a Nuk at night during bed time. They don't allow them at school for nap time, and we decided it was time to phase out the Nuk all together. Connor had really gotten re-interested in the Nuk lately and we thought it was about time to be done with it.

When Daddy got home from work, it was the big moment. Elmo could barely lift the Nuk, and for a moment Daddy was worried it would get caught in the neighbor's roof and we'd have to climb up there and explain it all to the neighbors. Thankfully a gust of wind caught Elmo and helped him fly away.

Connor really seemed to get the concept and watched intently as it flew away.

Explaining why Elmo needs the Nuk:

There he goes!

All gone!


Stephanie said...

Good idea! Jack is suddenly more interested in his "Mimi" as of late. If you see another Elmo balloon float over your house with a pacifier tied to it.... we have no idea where that came from! =)

Mandy said...

So glad that worked for you guys! It's amazing how much influence Elmo has over these toddlers.