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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day!

Today was Father's day! Mommy let Daddy sleep in and she and Connor surprised him with sweet Father's day cards and Heelys!

Shoes with wheels in the heels:

Drew got some for his birthday and when I mentioned to Andrea that I wish I had could try them she made a mental note of it and got them for me for Father's day. She's the most thoughtful wife ever! I can't wait to try them out and hopefully I don't break my wrist. I am going to either be the coolest dad on the block or the dorkiest. I don't know which, but I'll have fun either way.

Thanks Andrea and Connor!


Kelly said...

What?! You got those cool wheelie shoes?! Since when do they make those in adult sized shoes? I'm jealous!!!!

I think Andrea should videotape your first attempt and post it......

Richard said...

Oh yeah - I'd really like to see that video!