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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pool fun!

We all went to the pool on Saturday morning. It ended up getting cloudy just as we got out there, and the water was a little bit cold, but we all had fun anyways. Connor has some special toys he only gets at the pool and goes absolutely nuts for them. He carries around as many as he can the whole time (usually 4 at a time). He is still braver than he should be and ended up inhaling a bit of water when he slipped on the steps or went down more steps than he should have. We really wish the pool had a zero-entry section, we have to really hover over Connor the entire time.

Connor has really enjoyed jumping a lot lately and he was really good at jumping into the pool. We got some fun pictures of him jumping, but as with everything else at the pool he's a little braver than he should be. A few times we got him ready to jump in and he waved his finger at us and said "No, No, No" and he wanted to jump in without us catching him. Bad idea Beebs!

Just as he hits the water:

Look at all those toys!

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