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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Greats and Grands visit!

Connor playing with the family:

Connor's Great Grandparents and Grandparents all visited this weekend. The Great Grandparents flew in on Friday and Grandpa and Grandma Vernon came in on Thursday. Uncle Alex, Uncle Chris and (future)Aunt Abby came in Friday night. Connor loved seeing everyone together and even though he had a cough and lost his voice he didn't let it slow him down at all.

We had Grandpa and Grandma Anders come in on Saturday along with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan. Cousins Drew and Alli came up with the Grandparents and we BBQ'd and played outside since it was so nice out. Connor loved driving around with his cousins and we played with bubbles and the sprinkler too.

It was a great weekend and we enjoyed having everyone over. We have a ton of great pictures, and it was tough to pick which ones to put on the blog. Thanks for coming everybody!

Grandma Alice read to Connor every night:

Daddy and Connor playing with the bubble wand. It made huge bubbles, Grandma Vernon saved these, Daddy actually played with these when he was a kid:

Connor was surprised when the sprinklers suddenly shut off:

Connor playing with his only cousins. Sadly they may be the only cousins he ever has:

Great Grandpa and Grandpa playing cars:

The Great Grandparents:

The Great Grandparents with us:

Daddy, Connor, Uncle Chris and Uncle Alex

Uncle Chris and Aunt Abby with Connor:

It was only possible to get such great pictures because Grandma Vernon is such a great help getting Connor to smile. There's nobody who's better at it!

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