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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Da-Da-Da.... Dad?

Connor's trying out new sounds. According to Mommy, the Speech Language Pathologist with her Certificate of Clinical Competence and a Master's degree in Communication studies, it's babbling and is a precursor to speech development. To Daddy's ears, it sounds like he's saying Da-Da. A precursor to the word "Daddy" and proof that he loves Daddy more than Mommy.

He's nearly crawling now, he'll get up on his knees and will lunge forwards sometimes, but he isn't consistently getting around yet... That's fine with us, he's a handful even when he's stationary.

He still loves standing up, and the other day after his bath he was having a great time holding Mommy's hand and goofing around in his diaper. I thought this was a pretty cute shot of him:


Richard said...

Shawn - you're a poop. I'll bet Connor love you both equally. What a cute guy. Love those smiles.

alice v said...

Connor is so photogenic! Hi can't help but take a good picture. GMV