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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Connor helped Ryan celebrate his birthday with a wienie roast out at Ryan's parents farm. He enjoyed watching everyone eat delicious bratwursts and hotdogs while he was stuck with his boring old formula. I keep telling him that if he wants something good to eat he's going to have to grow some teeth, but apparently he's not a good listener.

Connor hung out with his cool uncle Nate on Friday night and during the wienie roast he hung out on his uncle's back!


Connor's still working out the mechanics of crawling. He's actually totally mobile now, however he isn't exactly crawling. He'll get up on all fours and will rock around, but never really coordinates the movements for forward locomotion. If he really wants to go somewhere it's still a combination of rolling and push-up lunges.

We actually took this video a week or two ago, but it's pretty cute. Connor has a dozen stuffed animals, but Chloe's are definitely the most interesting. Chloe is very gentle with him and this video is a great example of what a good sister Chloe is, and how Connor gets around.

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Richard said...

Wow! He's realy scooting now. That's neat. How cute. And Chloe is so good to him. Very nice little movie.