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Sunday, December 2, 2007

1st Haircut

Connor got his 9 month pictures taken yesterday, so we decided to get his hair cut beforehand so he wouldn't look like a dirty hippie. His hair is getting thicker, and isn't all that long overall, but in a few places it was getting a little out of control. It was hanging over his ears and in the back would get all matted and tangled when he'd sit in his car seat.

At birth, he actually had quite a bit of hair, but as happens with newborns it fell out bit by bit. One day when Andrea wasn't around, I got a bright idea to clean up what was left of it. Most of the hair on the top and front of his head had fallen out, but he still had a lot of long hair in the back. Kind of a baby-mullet. I tried shortening that hair, and it was somewhat of a disaster. There were a bunch of horizontal lines all over the back of his head, it took months before it grew out enough to hide it.

Andrea didn't learn from my mistakes, and recently decided to trim a bit of the hair around Connor's ears. Again, horizontal lines, this time on the sides of his head.

With his pictures coming up, we decided to let some professionals handle it, and we took him to Shear Madness, a place that specializes in kids. Connor cooperated pretty well, even when the buzzing clippers went around his ears.

Before pic:


Short video of clipper action:

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alice v said...

did you save a swatch of his hair for his baby book? I think we saved a lock of yours, Shawn, from one of your first haircuts. gmv