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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chicago for New Years

For New Years, we decided to make a trip up to Chicago to see Shawn's family. It's a trip we'd been looking forwards to for a long time, and a trip we've been very apprehensive about ever since we planned it. The drive would have been around nine hours, so we decided to fly. There were some tricky logistics involved since we had 3 large suitcases, a diaper bag, a backpack (with toys for the plane ride), a car seat, a stroller, and of course a little boy who doesn't like to sit still for very long.

We flew on American Airlines to O'Hare in Chicago. It was incredibly stressful, even though everything went well. We got our bags back, got everything checked in, checked out, picked up, and even remembered the baby too! Connor was great on the plane. He got a little bored from time to time, but never cried. We were worried about the pressure changes, but he drank a little apple juice during the ascent and descent from a sippy cut, and it didn't seem to bother him.

Here he is, playing with Momma on the plane:

It was great to visit all the family, especially Connor's Great Grandma and Great Grandpa:

It snowed a lot, and Uncle Chris and Connor's future Aunt Abby got him a little snow in a bowl to play with:

It was interesting keeping him entertained, his favorite game was to knock things over that anyone would stack up. As soon as he'd see a tower of toys, he's make a beeline for it, and would attack:

Connor's Aunts and Uncles got Connor some Christmas presents too!

At dinner, Connor showed off his fancy dance moves with all the hot babes:

Here's a quick video of Connor dancing with his Great Aunt Diane:


alice v said...

Connor looked like he was a bit perplexed with all the fancy dance moves the hot babes did with him, but he handled all the ladies with pizazz.
What a lot of fun he was - we're so glad he got to meet more of Daddy's family...thanks for bringing him, Andrea and Shawn. Gramma V

alice v said...

what is Connor up to these days, we keep coming to his blog and he's been noncommunicative - take pity on the poor Vernon Grandparents.