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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy birthday Nate and Amanda

We visited Grandpa and Grandma Anders today to celebrate Uncle Nathan's and Aunt Amanda's birthdays. Connor had an awesome time in the kiddie pool again and ate an entire cupcake by himself.

You'll notice a scrape on Connor's head in these pictures. Connor had been playing in the driveway this last week in his Little Tikes car. (Picture of Connor in the car ) Well, he'd fallen through the area where his feet should be (if he'd been playing with it properly) and was stuck. He started telling us about it "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na", and Mommy told Daddy to help him since I was closest. I am of the opinion that if he gets himself into a situation, he should actively work to get himself out of it. Stubbornly, I sat down in the driveway and told Connor to work on it himself. A few seconds later, Andrea jumped up and said: "It's tipping over!". We both went to save him, but it was too late. Connor had gotten sprawled over the edge of the car trying to free himself, and in (what seemed like) slow motion, the car and Connor toppled over headfirst onto the concrete. I think Daddy was the one who learned his lesson with this one. And that lesson is: Be sure Mommy's watching the baby more closely.

Pool party:



A side note, since it was so disgusting it was hard to believe. Chloe was playing in the yard unsupervised and came trotting over to Shawn a little while later. We were appalled to notice that she had managed to cover almost her entire body in feces. She'd found a huge pile of it (probably the neighbor dog's) and rolled in it until it was stuck in her hair from her thighs, to her back, to her collar, to her head. Unbelievable. She's starting to become more of a pain to supervise than Connor. She ended up getting a hose-down, then a double cleaning outside from head to toe.

We snapped a quick picture of her before the cleaning, it's hard to see all of the poop on her, mostly you can see a big clump of it on her hind leg in this picture. It's really all over her. Horrid...

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Richard said...

LOVE that picture of Connor in sunglasses. What a stud!
Poor little head. Andrea is just going to have to be more careful of that guy...