Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammy Genie and Aunt Abby!

Aunt Amanda had everyone over to celebrate Grammy Genie and Aunt Abby's birthdays today. Connor was feeling better today (more on that later), but he still didn't have any appetite and didn't get to eat any of the yummy food. It was great to see everyone and Connor had a lot of fun.

Connor had a VERY hard time sharing crayons today. Cousin Allison wanted to use some, but Connor wanted the whole box to himself. He got very worked up when we made him share. We've got to work on that, he starts at pre-school in 2 weeks!

Uncle Nate's just crazy. He decided to hog the big circle chair and took it with him wherever he went.

Connor and Daddy!

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