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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter party at school

On Thursday Mommy and Daddy left work early to be with Connor at his class's Easter party. We got there a little early, right after everyone was waking up from nap time and it was fun to watch Connor interacting with the other kids. He's definitely one of the littler kids in the class and the older girls seem to really like babying him. Before they got out all their Easter party snacks, Miss Leah read everyone a book and they sang some songs. (More on the songs later)

Everyone got an Easter bag with goodies and they made an Easter Bunny and an Easter Egg out of paper (We hear Connor had lots of help from Miss Leah).

Connor and his Easter goodies from school:

Ava is a very social girl in his class and she sits by him in the kitchen during meals. She is always very interested to see Connor's Mommy and Daddy and tells us all kinds of things when we see her.

Connor and Ava:

Connor with Mommy:

Connor's class eating at their Easter party:

Connor's been doing really well with stairs lately, he's gotten a little too brave with them. At school they've got a rail that's set nice and low for the kids and a neat wall with animals and nature scenes painted on it. Connor likes to go up and down the stairs and point out all the neat animals.

Practicing on the stairs at school:

Here's Connor dancing along to the "Pizza Hut" song with Mommy. During the "Pizza Hut" part of the song, they make a little hut with their fingers. During the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" part, they flap their arms like a chicken. During "McDonald's" they are supposed to make a big M motion with their arms. Connor doesn't have the "McDonald's" portion down perfectly, but he loves the song and it's so cute to watch him dance along to it.

Connor's song from school:

Connor also loves to dance along to the songs that his bear sings. Great Grandpa and Grandma got him the bear for Christmas and there's a "Teddy Bear" song that he dances along to and it's ridiculously cute. We'll have to get a video of that one soon.

Connor's also been practicing jumping. He falls much more than he lands well, but he's getting pretty good.

Practicing jumping:

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Richard said...

Wow! A girl friend already. What a guy.
He has such a great smile.