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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Anders

The day after Thanksgiving we went to celebrate with the Anders family. Connor was awesome in the car ride again thanks to Mickey Mouse. He ate more turkey at the Anders feast and again loved it dipped in ketchup.

Grandma and Grandpa Anders dishing up their turkey dinner.

Connor and Drew were rough housing and Connor got his sleeve stuck in Drew's braces. The shirt had to be cut free!

More rough housing with the "big guys".

It was an incredibly beautiful day out and we all went outside after dinner to take some pictures together.

Allison, Connor and Andrew:

All the dogs: Chewie, Sophie, and Chloe.

After we digested our food for a while we went out to the tree farm so Grandpa and Grandma Anders and the Gobles could pick out a tree.

The Rudolphs

Andrea and Shawn

After Grandpa Garry and Uncle Ryan cut down the trees they chose, we loaded them up on the tractor to take them back to the truck. That was definitely Connor's favorite part. He says "tractor" pretty well, but it sounds more like "dack-a-doo".

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