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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Connor's Mickey Mouse Party

This weekend we had Connor's third birthday party! Mommy and Connor have been talking about it all week, and Connor was calling it his "Birthday Cake Party". I don't think he knows exactly what a party is, but he definitely knows about birthday cake.

Mommy has been planning his Mickey Mouse themed party for a couple months now. Connor loves watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we just went to Disney World, so it was the perfect theme for his party. Andrea got some decorations while we were at Disney world and she also got him a special 3rd birthday T-Shirt with Mickey on it.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Anders, Rudolphs, and Gobles for celebrating with us and for the great gifts and food.

Before everyone arrived, Connor posed with some of the Mickey decorations.

Amanda and Allison posed with the Mickey and Minnie downstairs.

Some pictures of the goodies.

At the end of every Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show Mickey and friends sing the "Hot Dog Song", so we had hotdogs and bratwursts for lunch along with some other good food that family brought.

After eating, Connor posed (very briefly) with his presents.

He got momentarily sidetracked with some rough housing.

Then he got down to business! Connor got all kinds of great gifts from everyone.

After playing with some of his new loot and with everyone outside for a little while, we went in and ate the goodies. Connor loved when everyone sang happy birthday to him and he tried to blow out his candle. If you've ever seen him blow on hot food, you'd know he doesn't blow very hard, so Allison had to help him blow it out.


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