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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kiawah weekend

This past weekend we went to Kiawah to try the tennis program and to have a nice family weekend together. Connor and Paige went to the camp there, which was a more laid back fun camp, not focused on any particular sport. Andrea and I had heard good things about the tennis program, which was ranked as #1 on some tennis review websites.

We checked in to the condo and I took a quick video when we arrived. It was pretty small, but very nice and clean. The showers were wonderful.

We took the kids to the camp on Friday and Saturday and the kids loved it. They both didn't want to leave when we came to pick them up, and begged us to go back. I don't remember a camp that they both liked so well. Sadly, the tennis was not what Andrea and I liked. First off, the clinics were held on two of the only hard courts at the facility, which had large cracks in the courts and weren't in the best condition. The regular clinics were super slow paced, with 100% fed balls and no playing out points. Very boring. the "drill" clinic was a little more fast paced, but the games were pretty simple and not very challenging. We were surprised we didn't enjoy it very much.

We explored the grounds, which were spread out and required us to drive quite a bit to get from one side to the other. We went to the golf clubhouse on the far East side of the island, it took around ten minutes to get there. There weren't many places to eat, and they were all pricey since everything was part of the Kiawah resort.

We ate at the BBQ restaurant, and the food was pretty good. There were also quite a few big gators laying out by the sidewalk near the restaurant. We took a picture from far away, then got braver and took a picture a bit closer. The kids were cautious about it and couldn't believe that Andrea and I wanted to get closer.

Andrea and I took a walk on the beach and got to spend some time together Saturday. After another underwhelming experience with the tennis clinics, we decided to go home early on Saturday instead of staying for the rest of the weekend. We enjoyed our day at home on Sunday, and it was a nice end to the weekend.

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