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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, July 15, 2019

Beach day with friends at PVIC - Cailyn, Emily, Quinn

On Saturday we spent the day at the beach club with the kids and thought it would be fun to bring some friends along. Connor wanted to bring Quinn and Paige brought Emily and Cailyn. After I finished with my morning tennis clinics, we all met at the patio for lunch. After lunch we swam at the pool for a little while and then went to the beach. The water was nice and cool on a warm day and it wasn't too hot since there were some clouds in the sky. I threw a football with the boys for a while and then all the kids played together in the ocean. It was cute seeing them all goofing off in the water together. I figured the boys and girls would go their separate ways, but they all held hands and tried to stay together as the waves crashed over them.

We all got some sweets eventually, the kids got oreo and M&M shakes, I got a popsicle, and Andrea got the new ice cream taco.

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