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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Remote school update - Q1

Connor and Paige have continued to do online schooling from home and we were given the opportunity to decide whether to continue remote learning for Quarter 2 or to go in to school. As COVID cases continue to go up and down throughout the US and the uncertainty with the pandemic, we decided to keep them home for the second quarter as well. Both kids have been doing pretty well with it and some of Connor's friends have actually transitioned from going to school to remote learning as they have come in to contact with people that were infected. We don't know too many people directly recently that have contracted COVID, however the big news this last week was when President Trump revealed that he'd been infected. It's not clear whether remote learning will be offered past December, but until then we're planning to keep the kids at home. We are proud of them for adjusting to the new routine and for all the new skills they've been learning.

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