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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Beach Day with the Gobles and Graydon Sleepover

This Saturday afternoon we went to eat at the Golf Club and then met the Gobles and Paige's friend Saylor at the beach. The weather's getting a bit warmer finally and while the water was still a little too cool for me, the kids enjoyed it. We threw the football, the kids played in the waves, and Griffin played in the sand. Unfortunately the kid pool at the club is shut down for mechanical issues, but Paige, Graydon, and Saylor were able to swim in the adult pool for a little while.

In the evening, we took Graydon back to the house, played "Sleeping Queens" and "Apples to Apples". He's a pretty chill guest, and the kids had fun hanging out with their cousin.

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