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Monday, February 19, 2007

Baby Showers

We have been so lucky to have had three baby showers hosted for us.

One was with Andrea's girlfriends, one with family, and one with Andrea's coworkers.

Thanks to everyone that came and/or sent gifts. We think, although we're not sure because it is our first baby, that we already have received most everything we will need for baby. We really appreciate everything!

You can see some of the pictures below:

Colleen, Jenni, and Amanda playing the 'dirty diaper' guessing game. (You guess which chocolate bar is melted in the diapers)

Amanda, Colleen, Amanda, and Allison playing the baby food guessing game. (You have to taste each baby food and guess what it is)

Grandma Anders, Connie, Tamra, Genie, Angelia, and Linda (also, Emma and Lily in the laps)

Abigail, Debbie, Jan, Allison, Grandma Renie, and Andrea

Andrea's work crew!

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The Mama said...

I really like your website; what a good idea! Andrea, I need to have Shawn show me how he does the video clips, I'm not that computer savy yet!