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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tooth too late for Thanksgiving...

Connor had a great time over Thanksgiving. He got to visit both Grandparents, but unfortunately his tooth didn't show up in time for the Thanksgiving dinners. He had to stick with his boring baby food and bottle instead. Maybe next year he'll be able to pig out like everyone else.

Connor did a good job of traveling all the way to St. Louis, and although he had a couple rough nights (I think his tooth really hurt), he seemed to enjoy the trip.

Without further ado, a few pictures.

The Vernon family ready to pig out:

Grandpa is funny!

Don't drop me on my head! I use it for thinking!

Grandma Alice got me a high chair to make messes on!

At the Anders house:

The exersaucer Grammy Genie got for Connor:

Auntie Amanda and Uncle Ryan:


The tooth!

Connor did NOT like taking this picture. If you touch near that area he will open his mouth and pull away

Connor fighting me off:


Unknown said...

Cute pictures and all....

Except......for the fact that Drew, Ryan, and Nate all have on Mizzou shirts....which is just wrong....

Richard said...

Great family shots guys. All photogenic people help.