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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Over 13 months old!

Last weekend we celebrated Andrea's birthday with her parents and siblings. We had a great get together and Connor ate lots of yummy food. He's to the point where he's eating everything and he's also very good about feeding himself. His top two front teeth are both broken through the gums and the incisors next to them are threatening to poke through soon too. He's been pretty emotional about it, and you can tell it's really been bothering him. I was going to post on the blog last night but he was a handful and really wore everyone out getting him bathed and fed.

Happy Birthday (it's not really until the 19th) Mommy!

I love playing with glasses! Makes me smile every time!

I scratched my forehead, and every night in bed I like to pick it off! Mommy and Daddy have to put a band aid on it now when I go to bed!

Chloe's been licking her tummy until it got all red and raw. We got a lampshade to go around her neck so she couldn't lick it, but it wasn't long enough. What ended up working best was an old stained hand-me-down from her little brother. She's getting used to it, but she doesn't really like it.

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Richard said...

Connor looks very intellectual with those glasses. And Chloe looks grand all dressed up.
Happy Birthday (early) Andrea.