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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vaccine? No prob!!

Connor got his MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine this week, and we were pretty nervous about it, but so far he hasn't shown any signs that it's bothered him at all (knock on wood!). My co-worker got the MMR shot recently when she found out she hadn't gotten it as a child, and said it burned a bunch when she got it and it hurt for days. When the nurse came to give Connor the shot, she had Daddy hold him real tight and we all expected Connor to freak out, but he didn't make a sound when she gave it to him and he didn't cry at all during or afterwards! We even went out to eat later that night!

We were planning for him to be sensitive in the days following the shot, but he's been as active and happy as ever! Since the shot, we've got a few new pictures of him being super cute and thought it'd be fun to post a few.

The first shot, he's stuck under Mommy's chair in the office. He decided to crawl through it and got stuck halfway. It was pretty hard to get him out from under it, but it was pretty hilarious when we noticed the predicament he'd gotten himself into.

Next is his post-dinner picture from tonight. He's been getting very good at feeding himself, and in this picture he's very content with a belly full of pizza and a face full of it too:

Finally, after dinner tonight we cleaned him up in the big tub since he's been such a big boy. Baby's naked in this picture, but Daddy's got swimming trunks on, even though you can't see them!

Connor's getting really good with his walking. He pretty much prefers it over crawling now and he's getting around great. He's been a great baby recently, and we all love him a lot!

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