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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Connor completes his first official 5k!

This past weekend, the Positivity Gym held a Walk/Run to raise money for the OI foundation. Our neighbors Cameron and Julianne have OI, and we thought it would be a fun event for a great cause.

Connor with Cameron and Julianne:

There were probably between 75-100 people participating, and there were probably around 40 runners. Daddy didn't think he'd be competitive since he was pushing Connor the whole way, but Connor and Daddy finished first! We finished right around 24 minutes and 30 seconds for the race. A bit under an 8 minute pace, which was pretty good for Daddy since it was hilly and he was pushing a 25 pound baby in a 10 pound stroller. Mommy got started a little too fast at first, but got back into her pace eventually and finished in 3rd place for the women.

Connor with Daddy, ready to race:

Connor and Mommy after the race:

Watching the racers finish afterward:

The Vernons, all hot and sweaty after the race:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Also, Connor's a puzzle master now. He's been working hard on his puzzles and we got him a bunch because he enjoys them. He wasn't exactly in the puzzle mood for this video, but it still shows off some of his mad puzzle skills.

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Richard said...

Congrats on the win and the place - both of you. That is an accomplishment. You both are really fit!