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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Connor in action

Connor stayed with Uncle Nate and cousins Allison and Andrew this last Friday night and Saturday. We really appreciated them doing that so Daddy could go to his MBA class on Saturday. Andrea went to Springfield with her sisters and mother so Connor needed someone to watch him. Connor had an awesome time, and we'll have to post some pictures soon that Uncle Nate took during the visit.

We've got a few videos in the meantime of Connor in action. They're pretty fun.

One of Connor's favorite games is to get scared by one of us and then run to the other. One of us will go hide and then he'll try to search us out. When we jump out at him he'll scream and run to the other parent. It's probably his favorite game, it never gets old!

Getting his pants scared off:

Another fun game - Spinning:

Connor's gotten to be quite the neat freak. We never taught him, but he's learned from observation that trash goes in the trash can. If he finds something on the ground, he'll pick it up and throw it away. He also throws away his fruit snack wrappers when he's done, and anything else we ask him to throw away. We have to keep an eye on him, he hasn't done it much, but he will sometimes throw away his toys. Hopefully he doesn't "clean up" our keys or anything valuable!

Picking up trash:

Thanks Uncle Nate!!

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Richard said...

What a great laugh. I can listen to it again and again. Soooo cute.