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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Connor had lots of fun at Halloween yesterday! He was a very good sport and stayed in his monkey costume for hours and actually seemed to enjoy it.

Before we went Trick or Treating, we ate chili with Grandma and Grandpa Anders. Connor posed for a cute picture with his "Mummy" right before dinner. His shirt says: "I love my Mummy"

Daddy struggled a little getting the costume on. Mommy came up with a genius idea of putting the monkey feet over Connor's shoes. It was very difficult (Daddy's working hard in the picture) but it was worth it.

Andrea with her little monkey:

The monkey family:

Andrew, Connor and Allison all dressed up:

Connor Trick or Treating with his cousins and Auntie Amanda:

Am I doing it right??


The Mama said...

Connor you are an adorable monkey! I love the picture where he's peeking back from trick or treating, the "am I doing it right" look on his face is priceless. Very cute!

Richard said...

Great costume. What a cute monkey.