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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grilled cheese, nicknames, weddings, and ear infections

So we've got a variety of random things this week, written in no particular order.

First, the not so good news, Connor's got an ear infection. Andrea noticed him rubbing (and sticking his finger in) his ear quite a bit, so she took him to the doctor and it was confirmed that he had an ear infection. We're giving him antibiotics and thankfully he seems to think amoxicillin's delicious. His nose has been a bit runny lately with the colder weather, so he often looks like a miserable mess, but he still has been a happy baby, but maybe a little more whiny than usual.

Next, we've been meaning to post some of his nicknames. We don't know where these really came from, but thought it would be fun to post some of them. They're silly, we know, but we thought we'd post them so we don't forget someday.
* Beebs
* Beeper
* Bubs
* Hootie
* Bubby cat
* Cat
* Mister
* Mister Man
* Kitty cat
* Bishop
* Turkey Dinner

If we've forgotten any, feel free to remind us and I'll get them added.

Also, we got a few pictures of Connor eating one of his new favorite foods, grilled cheese with ham sandwiches. He probably likes pizza more, but he definitely enjoys grilled cheese.


Andrea and I went to our friends' wedding last night. Luke and Alex got married at the Hawthorne House, which is the same place we got married at in 2004. It was our first time back since our big day and the place is as beautiful as we remember. It was a great wedding and it brought back a lot of memories. Thank you Luke for including me in your wedding, it was an honor!

The reception area:

Lastly, a quick video of Connor playing with his ball popper game. It's probably one of his favorites and he gets pretty excited about it in this video.


Kelly said...

That's a pretty cool toy! I can see why Connor loves it!

Richard said...

Mmmmm - I love those toasted cheese sandwiches too! Just don't put it in your ear. And nice haircut Connor.

alice v said...

pretty neat video of the fun- hope this comment goes over ok - seems last times i tried, they didn't.