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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elmo Show!

Yesterday we all went to see the Elmo Show at the Sprint Center. We were a little worried it would be a madhouse and super busy downtown, but it was actually not too crowded and it was very easy to get to the show. We were a little worried that we might not be able to see well since we had floor seats instead of stadium seats, but the stage was set up very nice and we were only 3 rows back.

Connor loved it. The show was 90 minutes long with a 15 minute intermission and Connor was absolutely transfixed. He was always very concerned about Elmo too. Even if there were a dozen people and animals dancing up on stage, he'd turn to Mommy or Daddy and would say "Elmo's missing!".

The show was all about imagination, and Connor's favorite part of the show was the "Elmo's World" segment. He absolutely lit up when Elmo started singing the song.

Mommy did a great job getting tickets for the show. She's knew Connor would love it!

Connor tried to play it cool during the intermission, telling Mommy he didn't like the Elmo Show, but we weren't fooled.

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