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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One month to go!

Andrea is 36 weeks pregnant as of Monday, April 12th. The estimated due date is May 10th 2010, so we have less than one month to go!

Andrea's been doing very well this pregnancy, but she is definitely getting tired (sometimes literally) of being pregnant. With Connor, towards the end of the pregnancy she had pregnancy induced hypertension (high blood pressure), and her blood pressure is a little higher than our doctor would like to see. She's not on bed rest yet or anything, but is taking medicine for it and is seeing the doctor weekly now.

Baby is moving a lot which is great, but it is keeping Andrea up at night sometimes. She hasn't been sleeping as well as she'd like, but we better get used to that.

Looking forwards to meeting our little girl! It's going to be very soon!

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