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Friday, April 30, 2010

Winding down the day

Andrea is feeding Paige for the second time today. They're both doing great. Paige is cute as a button and was pretty alert and awake when everyone visited. She's had a crazy day today and has been very calm for the most part.

We moved rooms from the birthing room to another room. It's mostly the same but doesn't have the spotlights, equipment, and birthing configuration. It's a little larger which is nice.

We're both pretty worn out. Andrea's been up since 4:45 and it's past 10:00 now. Probably will be 11ish by the time she finishes feeding Paige and gets ready for bed. We're hoping to get a little sleep tonight, hopefully Paige sleeps a little too.

When are we getting some cousins Auntie Amanda?

Grandpa Rick's getting over a cold, so didn't get to hold the new baby yet.

Connor didn't want to hold Paige, mostly just wanted to play cars. Anyone surprised? He did wear a pink shirt today to honor his sister's birth.

Dr. Morris, she's a great doctor, and delivered Connor too.

Our great nurses, Meredith and Cassie.

Abby, Drew and Allison

Drew liked holding Paige, he's not scared of a baby.

Grandma Genie and baby.

Same pose from Grandma Alice! Apparently this is the grandma pose!

One more of Paige! Quite a bit of hair!

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Richard said...

Great head of hair Paige. (I'm a little jealous.)
Wonderful day. Good Job Andrea and Shawn!!!