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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Connor visits Grandma Alice

Connor stayed with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick while we were on our cruise. He had stayed with her for a week earlier in the year and was looking forward to his visit. He actually had been counting down the days, and Thursday (the day before we took him) he thought it was the day he was going and got very upset when he went to school instead. He had a bunch of fun in St. Louis and Grandma Alice was great about taking him to do something fun every day.

They went to a hay ride, the zoo, Tot-lot, Planet Fun, Jump4Fun, the Magic House and Bounce U. All kinds of fun that was perfect for a three year old.

Special thanks to Grandma Alice for spending so much time and taking such good care of our little man. We could tell that he'd been used to starting every sentence with "Grandma!" and even slipped up and called Mommy "Grandma" after he got home.

The St. Louis Zoo.

Goofing off at Planet Fun

Working on some pumpkins at the zoo.


At the Magic House.

Playing a baseball game at Bounce U.

More fun at Bounce U.

Chloe went too and was happy to have some other puppies to play with.

Checking how Connor's measuring up against everyone else.

Uncle Chris, Uncle Alex and Aunt Abby all came to visit too on Saturday.

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