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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paige with Grammy Genie

Paige stayed with Grammy Genie in Odessa while Mommy and Daddy were on the cruise. She wore grandma out with all her energy and because she was a little fussy. Connor's first teeth came in around Christmas time (keep in mind he was born in March). Mammy's came in just in time for Thanksgiving! Unfortunately for grandma, she cut TWO teeth during her visit. She was a handful, but it was a great time to get to know grandma.

Also, thanks to the Rudolphs for watching Paige the first weekend of the trip!

All the grandkids love to play on the pool table! Paige took her first turn during this visit.

Ga and Paige loved going on walks together.

Bath time is so much fun with Aunt Amanda!

Relaxing with Grandpa Garry, he was a big help and Paige loved falling asleep on his chest.

Chilling out with Uncle Ryan.

Bath time with Aunt Abby!

Grandpa Garry got Paige an awesome Mizzou sweatshirt.

Paige loved playing kitchen! Om nom nom!
Thanks again Grandma Genie and Grandpa Garry for taking such good care of our little girl!

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