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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bonkers with Zonkers and Allison

On Saturday we went to Zonkers and had Allison along to play with us. It was a great plan so Alli could ride the rides with Connor and we always love having her over.

Eating at McAlister's beforehand.

At Zonkers we got unlimited ride armbands for Alli and Connor, which was probably not worth the money since Connor only grudgingly rode most of the rides. He was much more interested in some of the car games and other token-operated games. We laughed watching him scowl on the rides while all the other kids were smiling and screaming. He was mostly a good sport about putting up with the rides and sat through them somewhat patiently.

Riding the train.

The Yak Attack. Thankfully neither of the kids yakked after this ride.

The flying banana.

The rollercoaster was pretty neat. Mommy even rode it once with Alli.

Paige just sat in her stroller most of the time. She loved watching all the kids playing and was very patient. The perfect baby! She did ride a little car ride with Alli.

It was great having Allison overnight. She is a big help and is a lot of fun. The air in our house is apparently pretty dry and her hair got a little staticy (not really a word I know) this morning. We had to take a quick pic of that.

Allison feeding an uncooperative Paigie Pie Saturday night.

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