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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, July 17, 2011

That didn't come out right...

Paige can be a bit of a nightmare to eat with at times. Once she's got her bib on, it's her opinion that she should have handfuls of food stuffed in her mouth constantly. If you're not assisting her, or if she thinks you're moving too slowly, she will squeal at you and throw a fit. It's hard work with her once she gets going.

Today at lunch, Mommy was tired of hearing it and decided to tear up little bites of pizza for Paige to work with on her own. Andrea said: "She'll probably choke herself, but at least she'll be quiet." It took us both a minute to realize what she'd said, then we couldn't help but laugh. Obviously she meant that Paige feeding herself would keep her busy and quiet, we don't want baby sister to choke...


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