Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tutoring with Ms Cullen

Andrea has still been doing a ton of work with Connor over the summer. In preparation for first grade, she did ten book reports with Connor, got his school supplies together, and has been reading with him regularly. Although we feel like he's doing pretty well, we didn't want him to regress with the summer break and decided to hire a tutor for the summer.

Ms Cullen is a kindergarten teacher at Connor's school, which gives her a good understanding of the curriculum and what Connor will need to know for first grade.  For six weeks, Ms Cullen came twice per week and worked with Connor for an hour per session. We were worried Connor would be bored by the tutoring, but was a good boy for Ms Cullen and she typically made the learning as fun as possible. They would often be laughing and Connor really enjoyed their time together.

It was hard work and Ms Cullen said that Connor is did well and is well prepared for first grade.

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