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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Paige's second set of ear tubes

On Thursday, Paige had new ear tubes put in. Like Connor, she had ear tubes put in when she was much younger (A little over 1 year old: They worked great while they lasted, however one tube fell out and the ear was filling up with fluid. She hasn't had many infections or anything lately, but she wasn't hearing well (possibly at all) out of the occluded ear, so we made the decision to put tubes in again.

We arrived at the surgery center pretty early and Paige was in great spirits. We've been playing "Doctor" quite a bit at home, so she enjoyed all the attention and the equipment as the nurses took her vital signs. While they got everything ready, Paige maxed and relaxed with Mommy and watched iPad.

When the anesthesiologist came to bring Paige back to surgery, we got a little nervous to see her go. The surgery was quick and after about 25 minutes they came to get us from the waiting room. One of the nurses was holding Paige as she was waking up, but Paige didn't like it and wanted Mommy.

After about 30 minutes and some apple juice, she felt much better and we took her out for breakfast. The rest of the day she was fine and back to her old self.

We're glad we got it done when we did. The ENT said that the fluid in her ear was thick and she probably couldn't hear well at all out of the affected ear. Hopefully this will prevent infections going forwards and also will help her to hear normally. We're very thankful it all went smoothly. We love our Sissy.

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