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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Graydon slowly warms up to us

This Saturday was Amanda and Ryan's sixth wedding anniversary and we volunteered to babysit Graydon so they could go out for dinner. We were a little nervous Graydon would be sad to see them go and that he wouldn't enjoy himself. Paige said that she wanted to be the babysitter, so we let her be in charge for a while. She took Graydon up to the toy room and they got out all the kitchen toys, the legos and the princesses. Graydon enjoyed playing princess, and liked to put the different princesses in the castle so the music would play. He and Paige danced together a few times and I got a little bit of their dancing on video.

So beautiful!

He liked jumping on my back, wrestling and he really liked it when Andrea held him upside down by his feet and swung him. He'd count down "4,3,2,1 GO" and she'd pick him up. I did the same with Paige a few times too and Paige loved it. Unfortunately Paige loved it a bit too much and when we tried to get a video of Graydon doing the swinging, Paige just had to be in the middle of it, trying to get her turn.

It was fun to have the little man over and it really makes us realize how big and mature our two kids are. Connor and Paige are hardly any work any more and so easy to take care of. Graydon had a good time and he is such a sweet little guy. He likes to come play at our house and it's fun to get to spend time with him and get to know him.

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