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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bonus room makeover

This year we had the bonus room reworked and decorated. When we first moved in, we pretty much decorated and put together every room in the house except the bonus room. Our original plan was to just do the downstairs and leave the upstairs alone, but once Andrea got on a roll she did pretty much everything. The bonus room ended up with some of the only old furniture we moved down and a few big toys and things. The kids outgrew some of the old toys and this year Andrea got the itch to take on a new project, so the bonus room got her treatment.

Andrea worked with a different designer, Donna, this time around and she thought Donna was a great asset. They worked well together and Donna was good about coming up with some neat ideas and communicating with the contractors.

Andrea found a picture of a neat custom ping pong table and Donna found a guy to make it for us. It turned out really nice and matches the decor in the room.

We hired Rich Warchol to do the built ins.

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