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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disney with the Rudolphs and Nate's Choir

On Saturday, March 28th, we drove down to Orlando to hang out with the Rudolphs while they were in town. Nathan's choir trip this year was to Orlando and they went to Music Festival at the Disney Saratoga Springs resort. We arrived in time to see them warm up, and then do their show.

It was a little stressful keeping Connor and Paige quiet for the duration of the performance since they were so excited to see the Rudolphs, but actually once the choir started singing they both watched and were good.

After the performance, we said hi and then bye to Nate since he had to go elsewhere with his choir. We drove with Abby, Drew, and Allison to Uno's for lunch and then to the All Star Music resort to check in to our room. Once we were ready, we took the bus from the resort to the park.

The first ride the kids wanted to do was the teacup ride. Andrea and I will try to avoid that ride now, and Drew wasn't interested either. Abby and Allison stepped up to the challenge and gave it a whirl. Connor and Paige like the ride best when it really gets spinning, and got it going pretty well.

We had four fast passes for the day, which was nice since it was pretty crowded at the park. We rode the Dumbo ride, then went across to the Barnstormer. Paige resisted it, and whined quite a bit in the line, but we managed to convince her to ride it. She sat with Abby and Connor sat with Allison.

I took a risk and decided to take a video of everyone on the ride with my phone. Thankfully I managed to hold on to it and got a pretty cute video of everyone. Connor was very cute screaming his head off the entire time.

When we first entered the park, Andrea bought Paige a new Snow White dress that is probably the prettiest and fanciest we've seen. We bought it for formal night on our next Disney cruise, but Paige didn't want to wait. Unfortunately, Paige didn't earn it for a while when we first got in to the park. After a few hours, she was acting very sweet and we broke down and let her wear it. She loved it and was happy to pose for a few pics.

Connor got a pillow pet stuffed animal and Abby bought him a football for his birthday. He posed for a few pics in the stores with some of the costumes.

By the time we got to the Buzz Lightyear ride, the kids were pretty exhausted. Paige fell asleep and Allison carried her for quite a while.

Although Nate was on the way, we were pooped and finally decided to leave around 11. Drew stayed and he rode a bunch of rollercoasters with Nate until 2am.

In the morning, we slept in a little bit and then everyone got ready to eat breakfast.

It was the most time we got to spend with Uncle Nate during their trip, so it was very special for the kids.

I took a pic with the Rudolphs and the kids as we walked through the resort. The resort was large, sprawling, and well decorated like everything is at Disney.

The kids got heaping plates of food. Connor chugged his entire bottle of orange juice as soon as he sat down, so he didn't eat a bunch of food. Paige wanted to eat everything on the table, so we had to ration her food carefully.

Paige was a little high maintenance since her syrup was getting everywhere. Nate and Andrea at one point were both working with her to keep the syrup where it belonged.

Both kids loved their time with Uncle Nate, we're glad we got a few hours with him.

We are thankful the Rudolphs came down and that we made the drive to Orlando to be with them. It was a fun weekend!

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