Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, September 28, 2015

Shopping at Target for blind bags and Nascar cars

This weekend, we didn't have any big plans, and decided it'd be nice for the kids to go shopping. They've been saving up their money and we wanted them to have an opportunity to spend it. Connor is back in to Nascar racing at the moment and decided to use his money on four Nascar cars. He's cute about knowing exactly which ones he already has, and he knows pretty much all of their names and numbers.

Paige is really interested in "Blind Bags" lately, which are little cheap bags that contain different toys. It's always a surprise to find what's inside, and unfortunately for Paige she ended up with a "duplicate" of one she already has. Andrea and I were impressed she knew the word "duplicate", and she probably learned it from watching YouTube videos of people opening their blind bags online.

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